2014 Q1 - Product Enhancements

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 3:41:00 PM

January 2014

Forensic Filer Online - Improved user experience for Internet Explorer 11 users.

February 2014

Forensic Filer Online - Pre-populate Scene tab place of death fields when residence is selected.

Forensic Filer Online - Added Hospice to scene tab and relevant death certificates.

March 2014

Forensic Filer for Windows - Updated the Witness tab to more closely match the new layout and features of FF Online. Updated the Witness Comment field to be larger and to allow carriage returns. Added Spell Checking to the Witness Comment field.

Forensic Filer for Windows - Added the following additional fields to the Reports Excel Export - DOB, Military, Alcohol, BAC, Carbon Monoxide, CO Level, Drug Use, Substance.

Forensic Filer for Windows - Added a context menu (right-click menu) to the Narrative text field, and to the new Comment field on the Witness tab that allows cut/copy/paste commands to be easily accessed.