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Our customers are the only reason we are in business. Read what our existing customers have to say about Forensic Filer.

We have found Forensic Filer to be an excellent improvement over our last data collection system.  In addition, Forensic Filer has become an easy to use secure web-enabled computer system that has allowed all of our investigators and staff access to Forensic Filler 24 hours a day via the Internet, which has been a vast improvement in our overall operations capabilities both day-to-day and in the event of a disaster event."

- Louis C. Smit, BA, F-ABMDI, N.A.M.E. Affiliate - Chief Deputy Coroner - Rock Co. WI

We started using Forensic Filer in 2006 after seeing their program at a convention. Since then we have implemented their secure web enabled system so we can access our reports 24 hours a day. The program has allowed us to complete our cases in a quick and efficient manner with easy access to statistics."

- Pat Felix, D-ABMDI - Coroner - Adams County PA

Forensic Filer is allowing us to have all records at our finger tips. Items such as hospital and police reports, newspaper articles, Attorney requests, subpoena’s, family request for reports and everything you need to finalize your investigation can be scanned directly into the Filer. Because everything is readily available to us, we no longer have to place a caller on hold or ask to return a call until we search through filing cabinets of paperwork. There is a narrative tab, in this area Coroner’s can document notes such as contact names, phone numbers, a brief summary of the scene and anything else they feel is important to the investigation. Reports can now be e-mailed directly to agencies requesting them,  this saves on paper, postage and time. Yearly totals no longer have to be counted manually, reports such as drug deaths and types of drugs used can be printed as needed. Cremation Permits, Highway Death Investigation Reports and Coroner Reports can also be printed as well as Filer being used as an address/phone book."

- Ann Berardelli, Secretary - Lackawanna County PA

Our office has enjoyed a seamless transition to Forensic Filer. While the field investigators especially appreciate the ease of entering data from the field, our office staff applauds the quick response of the professionals who are on board at Forensic Filer to quickly answer even the smallest question. The Forensic Filer product was a great match for our staff in that it facilitates concise record keeping that can be accessed and updated on a moment’s notice.

- Luann Davidson, MSW - Coroner's Assistant - Fairfield County OH

One of the most valuable assets of Forensic Filer is the very competent and VERY prompt customer service.  Not only is Forensic Filer a valuable and comprehensive data entry system, but I can always count on getting any questions answered or problems resolved quickly.  Thank you!"

- Marilyn Rogers, Chief Medical Examiner - Adams County WI

We are so impressed with the Forensic Filer Program. It is not only easy to use, but after cases are recorded, it is so simple to pull up reports for whatever you need, as in, if you need to know how many accidents for a particular period of time, just type in dates & what the particular manner that you are looking for & it will bring up a document of the names, dates, etc. It’s great to have this QUICK access when you need reports for the Media, Committees , or any other calls for information. There are so many options of reports that you can access. We can’t imagine not having this program to keep our records."

- Carolyn Marks, Jefferson County IL

We have worked with Forensic Filer for years now. The product is a huge asset to our team and data management. I would highly recommend this program for even the smallest office. You can query information efficiently for year-end reports. This is always useful when dealing with your county board. Most importantly is the technical staff is very professional and always get back to us in a very timely manner.  It has been my experience that a follow up request for service is not needed."

- Patty Schachtner, CME - St. Croix County WI

I really like Forensic Filer because it lets me put in the right information with everything I need - also they have great tech support I can call 24/7 and have the help I need. I have used it for years and have looked at other ones - but nothing compares.

- Kathie Buchanan, Coroner - Heard County GA

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