2013 Q3 - Product Enhancements

Monday, September 30, 2013 1:57:00 PM Categories: Enhancements

September 2013

Forensic Filer Online - Added check to provide warning if case number is a duplicate.

Forensic Filer for Windows - Added logic to the Case Screen to check for and warn about duplicate Case Numbers. If a duplicate Case Number is entered, a warning will be displayed indicating the duplicate and the name of the other Decedent.

Forensic Filer Online - Print certificate disposition of PA Death Certificate if "revised" is checked.

Forensic Filer for Windows - Updated the "About Forensic Filer" dialog on the Help menu to display the licensed program modules and expiration dates.

Forensic Filer Online - Updated PA Death Certificate to Revision 07/2012.

Forensic Filer for Windows - Added support for the PA 07/2012 Death Certificate.

August 2013

Forensic Filer Online - Changed the "All Case Records" report to allow for filtering by Autopsy Performed and added total record count to report footer.

Forensic Filer for Windows - Added an Export to Excel option for all Reports.

Forensic Filer Online - Added record count to all report folders.

July 2013

Forensic Filer Online - Implemented design changes to logo/etc...

Forensic Filer for Windows - Updated the Medications tab to allow a Drug Category of "None".